Do you miss ZAO? Because we definitely do, hence we invited guitarist Mellinger to pick his favourite records

Scott Mellinger, Zao -

Do you miss ZAO? Because we definitely do, hence we invited guitarist Mellinger to pick his favourite records

ZAO is a name which gives shivers to any metalcore devotee, or so it should for all those who have been digging this genre since its earliest manifestations. It’s not about Christ-infused extreme music, especially since the American outfit reshaped completely before 2000 and found new members whose work would appeal to individuals no matter their religious believes. Given the legacy of this group and the fact that ZAO’s music still resonates deeply in the present day, with uttermost pleasure we have invited guitar player Scott Mellinger to pick his favourite records from Blood  & Fire Productions' shop. Scott Mellinger mastered ZAO’s tunes since 1999, thus he experienced this band since its darkest times till moments of equilibrium. Check his words on five classic and acclaimed albums and see if they match your predictions.

Cult Of Luna - Vertikal

Been a fan of this band since we played with them at a festival in 2002. These guys are just huge and have great melodic sense. I kinda slept on "Vertikal" but have found myself listening to this way more lately. I love the way they’ve incorporated electronic sounds into their overall wall of sound.

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Not much to be said, this is the classic of all classics. My vinyl is so worn out that I need a new copy. If you haven’t given yourself the pleasure of this on vinyl don’t waste anymore time.

Azusa - Heavy Yoke

We’ve all been friends with Liam for so long and are huge fans of all he does! Add that together with the incredible Extol members and it’s a no brained! Such a killer record and so much to appreciate in it. It’s as heavy as you want it to be but just so much more.

Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre

I’ve been a fan of Electric Light Orchestra since I was a kid. Jeff Lynne is a master songwriter. I recently had the privilege to see Electric Light Orchestra in concert and it was flawless. It’s crazy how this guy has been able to consistently write great music for as long as he has.

Portishead - Portishead

Absolutely love this band. They’ve always sounded so menacing to me. They’re the furthest thing from heavy but this record has such an underlying terror to it. Beth Gibbons voice and her delivery is just so perfect, and I’ve totally been inspired by the noises they create as the backdrop.

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