Steffen Johansen / Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days, Steffen Johansen -

Steffen Johansen / Halcyon Days

Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal

Since my old bloodthirsty pal Tim is back in the game again with As I Lay Dying (who I am a huge fan of) I would love to get back into the intense experience that is Austrian Death Machine. I love this record, it's a fun listen. It's also cool to see how much As I Lay Dying have taken from this sound and "progressed" towards it. Get to the chopper, aye?

Converge - You Fail Me

I'm a huge fan of Kurt Ballou's work, primarily his role as a producer and technician in the studio, but also the beast of a band that is Converge. Sadly, I can't say that I have given them enough listening time, but they're one of those bands I just know I will need to check out everything they have done as soon as the timing is there.

Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh

I'm one of those noobs who didn't get into Gojira until "Magma" was released, and I love that record and its sound and character. But when I talk about "Magma" the conversation always tend to end with us talking about the older records that I'm not that familiar with, and "The Way Of All Flesh" is the one most of their fans seems to love. That guitar tone tho', Jeezuz Chrizt..

Norma Jean - Meridional

Norma Jean is by far the most intense band I have ever seen live, I would love to know how many notes their bass player actually get to play live since his bass is over his head most of the time they are on stage. I love this record for its energy, and I think I'm gonna crank right now, it's been too long!

ABBA - 18 Hits

Like, who doesn't love themself some ABBA? You can be a super hard, porly groomed, piss drunk, bad boy gun wielding gang member, but you still love ABBA. I'm jealous of anyone who got to see them live in their prime, I've heard the guys had amazing hair.

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