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Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising

I haven't stopped listening to this record since my buddy and band brother Russ showed it to me. The soaring melodies and perfect song writing captivated me immediately. I've always felt inspiration to write my own music be it extremely heavy or not comes from all kinds. This record inspires me.

Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow

I love this record! Nothing does everything right without sounding like they’re trying to hard. There’s a ton of these types of bands and they all sound derivative, these guys sound authentic. Overall they just write great songs with even better vocal hooks.

Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend

Pure power, these guys are just a powerhouse of music. For as heavy as this is, the guitar melody work blows my mind! Listening to Mike sing and reading his thoughts through his lyrics I’m just glad I live in a universe Yob exists in.

Converge - Axe To Fall

Converge has always been one of my favorite bands in our scene. They were pushing boundaries before most and always creating new ways to exist as an underground band. Kurt’s production is one I always go to when we do ZAO records. This record has been a consistent listen since it came out. I just love how they write and do whatever they want, with no rules.

Elbow - The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

I've always been way into British music, be it the Beatles to Radiohead or whatever, Elbow is just the perfect British band. They do everything I love from the melancholy melodies to abstract but introspective lyrics, it's all there. The song writing is superb, even though it's sad it's always uplifting to me.

Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2

Sunny Day Real Estate has been an essential part of my musical life since my wife showed me "Diary" all those years ago. "LP2" holds a special place for me even though it's not my favorite of theirs. This record spoke to me at a time I needed something. Everything to me is flawless from the musical aspect to Jeremy’s incredible voice, they're just the best.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

I wouldn't play guitar if it wasn't for this record. This record was the one that blew my young mind to the point where I had to play. I fell in love with the guitar through this record. It's easily my favorite from them and it changed everything for me. As much as I love solos it's James Hetfield's riffs that do it, unmatched by his contemporaries, to me anyway.

Radiohead - OK Computer

This is one of those records that seems to only happen every once in awhile. Everything Radiohead tried on this to me landed perfectly. I'll always be in awe of the songwriting, "Let Down" could be my favorite song ever written. I also am a fan of everything that came after this but "OK Computer" will be my favorite record of theirs period.

Danzig - II: Lucifuge

I remember getting this record in middle school and being all excited because it was "Evil". But once you actually listen you're changed. It's just good not anything who cares it's just good. I grew up and my dad loved Doo-wop music. I remember hearing "Blood And Tears" and immediately thinking how my dad would love this song. John Christ's playing was so over the top to me. He did pick squeals, and that was the first time I remember paying attention to them.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

This is a hard record to listen to. There is more pain and grief in this record than all the sad records put together. It's catharsis for me. I was never afraid to cry and feel that it is actually needed to cleanse yourself. This record makes me cry and I thank Mr. Cave from the bottom of my heart for allowing us entrance to his inner most grief.

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