Here are 10 unflinching records recommended by Swedish rockers of Alfahanne

Alfahanne, Fredrik Sööberg, Jimmy Wiberg, Niklas Åström, Pehr Skjoldhammer, Stefan Eriksson -

Here are 10 unflinching records recommended by Swedish rockers of Alfahanne

With a new record hitting the shelves recently, it was more than appropriate to have a fair 10-album recommendation from the blackened rock-n-roll outfit Alfahanne. “Atomvinter”, an obvious post-apocalyptic ideology shaped with extreme metal and danceable tunes was released in the first days of October via Indie Recordings and is the third full length created by Swedish rockers to date. There are 10 unflinching records which they describe in the lines below and they are no more than any fan of their approach would expect. Like reputable Swedes, they don’t use many words and focus on the essential. Everybody should be aware of the Alfahanne’s powerful bond with the black metal, which manifested through collaborative deeds involving Hoest of Taake, Kvarforth of Swedish Shining and Hjelvik of Kvelertak. Hence, this list features some of the most striking black metal instances, such as Dissection or Darkthrone, but there’s plenty of room as well for some addictive darkness and goth music, not to mention the biggest collection of punk anthems, “Never Mind the Bollocks”.


Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium

“Elizium” is pure darkness and atmosphere, dreamy and slow. Love the vocals.

Samael - Blood Ritual

“Blood Ritual” is the most sinister black metal album recorded all mid tempo, pure evil.


Dissection - Reinkaos

An album that is that kind of album you never get tired of and always in press on you. The sound, the riffs, the melodies, the darkness and the force. Perfect I think.

Morbid Angel - Altar Of Madness

A true classic from the teenage. Not many come close to this and there is no better Death Metal album to this day. Pure evil, every second of it.


Slayer - Reign In Blood

I bought when it was released and it changed my view on music. And still is something that I listen to a true masterpiece.

Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon

”Under A Funeral Moon” is total darkness and pure. When I heard it was like nothing else mattered. It is masterpiece.


Arckanum - Antikosmos

The album “Antikosmos” has a very special place in my heart, reason for that I prefer not to talk about.

Marduk - Dark Endless Dark

“Endless” was the first song I heard with Marduk. It was just at the same time in my life I knew that darkness is much bigger than the light.


Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks

“Never Mind The Bollocks” is the only record you’ll need in the end (besides all Alfahanne’s, needless to point out). It’s truly a masterpiece for every mood.

The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always

“First And Last And Always” stands the test of time. The songs are as catchy as they are dark. Fantastic album!

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