Azusa, Heavy Yoke and heavy mixtures

Azusa -

Azusa, Heavy Yoke and heavy mixtures

For almost a decade, I did not write any review. Precisely, since I stopped receiving that musical evidence we call compact disc. How can one interpret without the “instrument”? However, after you reach a certain age, you simply cannot remain speechless anymore, but express your state of relaxation caused by the artists who prove that musical objectives still drive them around.

If you give me this record and tell me it is Extol’s music, I would not deny it. I would just add that Peter got a little more feminine talent in terms of vocals. Besides such joke, “Heavy Yoke” appears exactly like a heavy mixture from the very first second. I assume that one of the primary tendencies of the majority is to compare Eleni’s clean vocals to big worldwide names such as Kate Bush or Annette Peacock, but I believe we can go and include among references Made Out Of Babies’ Julie Christmas, Kittie's Morgan Lander or Karyn Crisis, and it is damn sure that Azusa does not appeal the fans of Peter Gabriel or Ghostface Killah. The subtlety characterizing “Heavy Yoke” is so revealing that makes you feel the past-present under your skin.

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Regarding my personal musical adventures, Extol has been an important influence, so perhaps that is why I feel like home with Azusa. This guy, Liam Wilson has definitely his thing given that he has been playing with the best bands around… The Dillinger Escape Plan, Starweather and now Azusa.

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