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Christian Bass, Heaven Shall Burn -

Christian Bass / Heaven Shall Burn


Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Outcast

I have to admit that I wasn't into their early stuff, but with "666 International" they became one of the most adventurous bands in extreme metal for me, especially around that time. They started mixing all this sounds in 1999 in a way that nowadays new bands who work with these sounds are still mentioned as experimental. „Supervillain Outcast“ is their second masterpiece for me, with songs as "Vendetta Assassin", "The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of" or "Apocalypticism" which still blow my mind. Plus the phenomenal artwork by Trine + Kim, it is a must-have on vinyl.

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts

They are quite new to me, maybe I know them for about 3-4 years when I got more into electronic music. If I remember right, I found one of their on a playlist and started streaming their records until I had a closer look at the artworks, which I really enjoy too. This is something I like listening to when working at home or just going for a walk and relax. Nothing too complex, and enjoyful.

Costin Chioreanu - Voïvod/Brașov 2017

Voïvod is an all-time fave, especially "Dimension Hatröss". Plus I am friends with the guys and girls in Earth Ship and released a 7" on my mini-Label Affront Vinyl prior to this tour. And having this combined with a piece of art by Costin, that reminds me of the Voïvod "The Outer Limits"-era, I will definitely get it framed and make some space on one of my walls at home.

Costin Chioreanu - Voïvod/Cluj-Napoca 2017

Yep, and another one of this collaboration? With the Voïvod logo? Yes, add this to my cart.

Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley

Please everyone, take some time to get into Perturbator. There is so much to experience, when you are into electronic stuff. The bonus 12" in this box is really fun too. Especially the demo-version of "Vers/Us" or the arcade-version of "Future Club". Never got a physical copy of this, so I need to grab it.

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